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H-375.960 Protection Against External Peer Review Abuses

H-375.961 Protection of Performance Evaluations of Residents and Fellows During Litigation

H-375.962 Legal Protections for Peer Review

H-375.963 Reduced Physician Role in Governance of Federally Contracted Quality Improvement Organizations

H-375.964 IOM Report on QIO Program

H-375.965 Principles for Incident-Based Peer Review and Disciplining at Health Care Organizations

H-375.966 Peer Review Protection Under Federal Law

H-375.967 Supervision and Proctoring by Facility Medical Staff

H-375.968 Supervision and Proctoring by Facility Medical Staff

H-375.969 Physician Access to Performance Profile Data

H-375.970 Professional Review Organization Peer Review

H-375.972 Lack of Federal Peer Review Confidentiality Protection

H-375.973 Protecting Physicians at the Peer Review Process in the Current Managed Care Environment

H-375.974 Clinical Proctoring

H-375.977 Peer Review - Caused Litigation

H-375.978 Medical Peer Review Outside Hospital Settings

H-375.979 Litigation Over Hospital Peer Review Decisions

H-375.982 Peer Review Defined as the Practice of Medicine

H-375.983 Appropriate Peer Review Procedures

H-375.984 Peer Review

H-375.989 Protection of Peer Review Records in Litigation

H-375.990 Peer Review of the Performance of Hospital Medical Staff Physicians

H-375.993 Confidentiality in Medical Staff Peer Review

H-375.994 Peer Review in All Health Care Facilities

H-375.995 Implementation of Voluntary Medical Peer Review

H-375.997 Voluntary Medical Peer Review

H-375.998 Review Committees for Medical Practices

H-375.999 Federal Hospital Utilization Review