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H-235.961 Employment Status and Eligibility for Election or Appointment to Medical Staff Leadership Positions

H-235.962 Medical Staff-Hospital Compacts

H-235.963 Credentialed Physician Membership in Organized Medical Staff

H-235.964 Preservation of Medical Staff Self-Governance

H-235.965 Physician Involvement in Hospital or Health Care Corporate Compliance Committees Concerning Fraud and Abuse

H-235.966 CMS Regulation to Eliminate the Critical Role of the Hospital Medical Staff

H-235.967 Medical Staff Legal Counsel and Conflict of Interest

H-235.968 Physician Review of Medical Staff Activities

H-235.969 Responsibility for Infection Control

H-235.970 Conflict of Interest Issues and Medical Staff Leaders

H-235.971 Amending Medical Staff Bylaws

H-235.972 Proxy Voting at Medical Staff Meetings

H-235.974 Autonomy of the Hospital Medical Staff

H-235.976 Medical Staff Bylaws and Medical Staff Autonomy

H-235.977 Medical Staff Committees to Assist Impaired or Distressed Physicians

H-235.980 Hospital Medical Staff Self-Governance

H-235.981 The Role of the Hospital Medical Director

H-235.983 AMA Response to Hospital Governing Bodies in Challenging Medical Staff Self-Governance

H-235.984 Hospital Medical Directors Designated as the Representative of the Medical Staff

H-235.985 Medical Executive Committee Composition

H-235.987 Right of Committees of Medical Staffs to Meet in Executive Sessions

H-235.988 Non-Physicians Voting on the Medical Staff

H-235.989 Medical Staff Bylaws

H-235.990 Organized Self-Governing Medical Staff

H-235.991 Medical Staff Bylaws

H-235.992 Legal Counsel for Medical Staffs

H-235.993 Representation of the Medical Staff on All Committees of the Governing Board and Administration of American Hospitals

H-235.996 Bylaws and Rules and Regulations - No Incorporation by Reference

H-235.999 All Physicians Employed by Hospitals Required to be on Staff