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H-225.950 AMA Principles for Physician Employment

H-225.951 The Importance of Local Control of Hospitals

H-225.952 The Physician's Right to Exercise Independent Judgement in All Organized Medical Staff Affairs

H-225.953 Principles for Developing a Sustainable and Successful Hospitalist Program

H-225.954 Payment for In-House Coverage

H-225.955 Protection of Medical Staff Members' Personal Proprietary Financial Information

H-225.956 Behaviors That Undermine Safety

H-225.957 Principles for Strengthening the Physician-Hospital Relationship

H-225.958 Insurance Plan Inquiries Regarding Quality of Care and Peer Review Issues

H-225.959 Medical Staff Testing

H-225.960 Voluntary Use of Hospitalists and Required Consent

H-225.961 Medical Staff Development Plans

H-225.962 Medical Staff Membership Category for Physicians Providing Telemedicine

H-225.963 Unilateral Imposition of Medical Staff Development Plans and Economic Credentialing Controlled by the Hospital

H-225.964 Hospital Employed/Contracted Physicians Reimbursement

H-225.965 Activities of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and a Single Signature to Document the Validity of the Contents of the Medical Record

H-225.966 American Hospital Association Management Advisory on No-Cause Drug Testing of the Medical Staff

H-225.967 American Hospital Association Management Advisory on No-Cause Drug Testing of the Medical Staff

H-225.968 Standard Admitting Orders

H-225.969 Disputes Between Medical Supervisors and Trainees

H-225.970 Full Participation for All Members of Hospital Medical Staff

H-225.971 Credentialing and the Quality of Care

H-225.972 AMA Sponsored Leadership Training for Hospital Medical Staff Officers and Committee Chairs

H-225.973 Financial Arrangements Between Hospitals and Physicians

H-225.975 Compensation for the Medical Staff for Committee Work

H-225.977 Liability Coverage for Physician Members of Hospital Committees

H-225.979 Hospital Medical Staff Relationships - Dispute Resolution

H-225.980 Hospital Medical Staff Section Representation on State Governing Boards

H-225.982 Hospitals' Contractual Relationships with Health Plans

H-225.983 Physician Representation on Hospital Governing Boards

H-225.984 Hospital Corporate Bylaws

H-225.985 Medical Staff Review of Quality of Care Issues Prior to Exclusive Contract

H-225.986 Physician Economic Incentive Program

H-225.987 Reporting of Incidents

H-225.988 Hospital-Medical Staff Joint Ventures

H-225.989 AMA Opposes Forcing Medical Staffs to Repay Hill-Burton Obligations of Free Medical Care

H-225.991 Communication and Cooperation Between Hospital Management and Medical Staff

H-225.992 Right to Relevant Information

H-225.993 Medical Staff Policy Determination

H-225.994 Hospital Advertising in Printed and Broadcast Media

H-225.995 Duplication in Hospital Liability and Physicians' Professional Liability Insurance

H-225.996 Computer-Based Hospital and Order System

H-225.997 Physician-Hospital Relationships

H-225.998 Hospitals and Liability Insurance