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H-220.929 Use of Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation Data

H-220.930 Regulatory Standards Should be Evidence-Based

H-220.931 Evidence-Based Value of Joint Commission Standards and Measures

H-220.932 Life Safety Code

H-220.933 Critical Relevancy of Medical Staff in JCAHO Standards

H-220.934 Conflicting Accreditation Standards Among Various Accreditors

H-220.937 Multiple Medical Staffs and Joint Commission Standards

H-220.938 JCAHO Adherence to its Own Standards

H-220.939 Activities of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

H-220.943 Medical Staff Self-Governance

H-220.946 Unreasonable Burden of The Joint Commission Standards and Surveys

H-220.950 Medical Staff Involvement in Hospital Compliance With Accrediting Organization Standards Plans of Action to Correct Deficiencies

H-220.951 Medical Staff Membership

H-220.952 JCAHO Accreditation Manual for Hospitals

H-220.953 Quality Improvement Requirements for Leadership Structures of Health Care Organizations

H-220.958 The Joint Commission Professional and Technical Advisory Committees

H-220.959 Compliance with JCAHO Accreditation Standards

H-220.960 The Joint Commission Hospital Accreditation Program Standards

H-220.961 Hospital Boards of Trustees

H-220.962 Selection of Medical Staff Officers and Clinical Department Chairs

H-220.966 Future Directions of the JCAHO

H-220.971 Joint Commission Medical Staff Standard on the Amendment of Bylaws

H-220.972 Medical Staff Participation in the Joint Commission Site Surveys

H-220.975 Medical Staff Comment on JCAHO "Field Review of Proposed Standards"

H-220.976 Bylaws Approval Time Limit

H-220.977 Chief Executive Officer at Medical Staff Executive Session

H-220.978 Hospital Medical Staff Representation on the Hospital Governing Body

H-220.980 Credentialing Procedure

H-220.983 JCAHO Standard IV Should Not Tie Clinical Privilege Termination to Contract

H-220.988 Hospital Admitting Privileges

H-220.989 Physician Credentialing

H-220.990 Principles for Revision of the Medical Staff Section of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations "Accreditation Manual for Hospitals"

H-220.991 AMA Policy on Hospital Accreditation

H-220.995 Hospital Guidelines Impact Statement

H-220.996 Private Patients and the Responsibility of the Attending Physician in a Teaching Hospital Setting

H-220.998 Education and Control of Therapeutic and Diagnostic Drug Usage