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H-215.962 Maintain CMS Inpatient Rehabilitation Classification Criteria at 60%

H-215.963 Increasing Transparency of Hospital Contracts for Clinical and Non-Clinical Services

H-215.964 Patient Identification Wrist Bands

H-215.965 Hospital Visitation Privileges for GLBT Patients

H-215.966 Evaluating Advertising

H-215.967 For-Profit Conversions of Health Care Organizations

H-215.968 Specialty Hospitals and Impact on Health Care

H-215.969 Hospital Merger Study

H-215.970 The Effects of Closing Safety Net Hospitals

H-215.971 Standardization of Emergency Paging Nomenclature

H-215.972 Use of Wireless Radio-Frequency Devices in Hospitals

H-215.973 Emergent Care Adjacent to Hospitals

H-215.974 Not-For-Profit Boards

H-215.975 Uniform Standards for Not-For-Profit and For-Profit Hospitals

H-215.977 Guns in Hospitals

H-215.978 Guns in Hospitals

H-215.979 Unilateral Imposition of Employee Status on Physicians by Hospitals

H-215.981 Corporate Practice of Medicine

H-215.982 Interpretive Services

H-215.983 Distribution of Drug Samples in the in-Hospital Setting

H-215.984 Duplicate Bureaucratic Regulations

H-215.985 Child Care in Hospitals

H-215.987 Elimination of Hospital Medical Library

H-215.991 Medicare Hospital Inspection and Certification Process

H-215.992 Hospital Security

H-215.993 Medical Society-Governing Body (Trustee) Liaison Program

H-215.994 Subrogation by Hospitals

H-215.995 Hospital Admission Histories and Physicals

H-215.996 Compensation for Service on Government Mandated and Funded Hospital Committees

H-215.999 Denial of Hospital Service Resultant from Labor Discord